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STACX- AI powered offers the ability to use the OCR technology across multiple use cases in the mortgage eco-system. Our taxonomy covers over 700 document types that support multiple functions within the industry. It creates significant reduction in cycle time, drives down operating cost, limits human error, and improves compliance with documented audit checklist for each transaction.

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CloseSimple helps you automate communication with Consumers, Realtors & Lenders.
  • The On-Demand, Client-Facing Portal is 100% customized to your Title company, allowing for easy access to information & documents throughout the closing process.
  • Proactive Text Message Updates, beautifully branded customized Email and the Pizza Tracker for Title™ deliver timely updates to all parties (i.e. How your doctor or dentist update you prior to an appointment, or how Amazon & Dominos Pizza allows you to track your order)
  • Integrations with top Title Production Software allows for Full Automation, so your staff does not have to do anything new to deliver world-class communication to all parties. 

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Heymarket provides intuitive text messaging from powerful shared inboxes. Connect all of your messaging channels and work collaboratively with your team to create personalized connections with your customers.

Create meaningful conversations over your customers’ favorite messaging channels. Heymarket’s business texting platform helps you level up customer interactions with fast, personalized messaging that scales easily.

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Craig Bradley and Rommel Casey
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QOMPLX harnesses data to provide unified visibility into cyber risks and trust in identity. QOMPLX solutions reduce cyber risk and attack surfaces by mapping exposures and performing real-time detection of attacks. This approach increases network observability by closing the largest remaining gaps in cybersecurity: identity verification, cross-tool data fusion, and data interoperability. QOMPLX defends some of the world’s most renowned brands by re-establishing trust for client organizations, assuring authentication, and enabling confident security decisions.

ShareCard™ by Win Local

ShareCard™ is a contactless, digital business card that allows you to exchange your information in three ways; “tap, text & scan”!  ShareCard™ drives engagement with your customers and prospects which helps you build you a dynamic database automatically, with ZERO data entry required.  

  • NFC Enabled ShareCard™ & ShareTag™ (for your phone case)
  • Your own branded SMS keyword which can be used in all your marketing
  • Fully customizable digital business card w/ logo, colors & custom CTA's
  • Save, Send, Connect & Auto-Connect features, ensuring a 2-way exchange of information with your clients and prospects
  • Branded app icon for the home screen of your phone