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FNF agents can issue Closing Protection Letters and Policy Jackets from this centralized location for FNF family web applications.
  • Premiums due reports are issued automatically.
  • Agents can make premium payments electronically.
  • Activity reports help agents track and reconcile accounts.


Alanna.ai is an AI-powered virtual assistant that communicates with all parties to a closing via SMS Text, email, smart forms and chat.  Much more than a chat bot or mass text platform, Alanna’s able to converse with people and learn from her experiences. She’ll handle routine inquiries or collect basic data while your team gets off the phone and tackles more complex tasks—like closing the transaction!

Alana provides agents, buyers and sellers 24x7 access to information and documents via text message. No web portals, apps or passwords; only fast answers.


STACX- AI powered offers the ability to use the OCR technology across multiple use cases in the mortgage eco-system. Our taxonomy covers over 700 document types that support multiple functions within the industry. It creates significant reduction in cycle time, drives down operating cost, limits human error, and improves compliance with documented audit checklist for each transaction.

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BANCSERV’s mobile notary service offers a convenient alternative for getting real estate documents signed.
  • Qualified agents go directly to an individual’s home or workplace to obtain signatures.
  • Experienced notaries and attorneys can handle signing requirements of all kinds.*
  • Agents are pre-screened, tested, monitored and rated based on their performance.
*Attorneys are required to conduct closings in CT, DE, GA, MA, SC and WV

Bank Shot

Bank Shot is the patented mobile solution that allows title companies and escrow agents to remotely receive and control earnest money (or any check) directly from a smartphone.
  • Hold, deposit, or refuse the check in the portal. You are in control using our unique “stoplight” process.
  • Remotely deposit checks in multiple accounts at multiple banks.
  • This is not ACH - it’s a mobile deposit. It’s secure, compliant, and safer than a wire.
  • Spend less time matching checks to transactions and reconciling accounts.

Black Knight Closing Insight

Closing Insight® is a comprehensive, Web-based solution that streamlines the multi-party closing process and supports TRID.
  • Communicate and exchange closing data with lenders safely on our secure platform.
  • Manage title and closing services within one location.
  • Save time and reduce errors by replacing manual processes.

Bowe Digital

Bowe Digital helps small business, like title companies, with branding, social media management, digital advertising, media planning, crisis communications and more.
  • Custom websites & social media content
  • Branding, logos and videos
  • Strategy, planning and team training

Breakthrough Broker

Breakthrough Broker is North America’s #1 real estate agent engagement platform for title operations. Helping nearly 3,500 title professionals improve their market share, our title marketing services aim to make a title agency unforgettable. We leverage the popularity of Breakthrough Broker, including our best-in-class content, through marketing automations to keep you and your brand top of mind and in front of your realtor network with what matters to them, when it matters most.


  • CertifID helps create a world without wire fraud. We safeguard billions of dollars every month from fraud with advanced identity verification software, insurance, and proven recovery services.
    • Securely send wiring instructions to buyers
    • Streamline the process of collecting bank details from sellers
    • Eliminate callbacks and overnighting checks to lenders through PayoffProtect
    • Each transaction is backed by up to $1M in direct insurance coverage


CINC is the premier lead acquisition and conversion platform empowering agents to grow their business through lead generation and all-in-one CRM. With CINC, agents gain:
  • Access to an exclusive community of 50,000 world-class agents: 200+ annual masterminds, exclusive private events, and proven best practices from industry leading agents and teams.
  • First-class lead generation done for you. CINC is a Google Premier partner and manages $30M in PPC campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Contact Info:
Austin Pilger | Jonathan Brown
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CloseSimple helps you automate communication with Consumers, Realtors & Lenders.
  • The On-Demand, Client-Facing Portal is 100% customized to your Title company, allowing for easy access to information & documents throughout the closing process.
  • Proactive Text Message Updates, beautifully branded customized Email and the Pizza Tracker for Title™ deliver timely updates to all parties (i.e. How your doctor or dentist update you prior to an appointment, or how Amazon & Dominos Pizza allows you to track your order)
  • Integrations with top Title Production Software allows for Full Automation, so your staff does not have to do anything new to deliver world-class communication to all parties. 

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Closinglock is eliminating wire fraud in the real estate industry by modernizing the transfer of funds and information.  They provide a secure, easy-to-use platform for title companies, law firms, and other financial services providers.  You can receive earnest money and cash to close, send/receive wire instructions, verify identity and payoff accounts, share documents, and collect eSignatures creating a more streamlined closing experience for all.  To date, they have protected over $150B in funds. 


Corefact provides the industry's best response rate direct mail system in America.
  • Providing agents with a complete print marketing center online including best of class marketing materials that are easily ordered and branded with an agent's information.
  • The unique Corefact Home Estimate Map Card combinations generate listing leads, making Corefact the industry's #1 lead generation system

Customer Support
General Inquiries 866-777-3986

Contact Info:
Malaika Miner
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Corefact | Elite

Corefact Elite is a 12 month automated farming solution to help promote awareness and drive consistent marketing best practices.
  • Our highest performing marketing pieces can save an agent hours of work and put their marketing on "auto pilot".
  • The agent still controls the process but gains a Corefact Elite marketing specialist that will help with the campaign.

Contact Info:
Malaika Miner
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CSC eRecording Solutions

Web-based electronic document recording services nationwide.
  • Improve workflow efficiencies, including faster processing speeds, comprehensive document-handling features and detailed recording-status updates resulting in an easy user experience.
  • Integrated eRecording services with Title Production Systems
  • Best-in-class ratings from our customers across all categories assessed, including delivering outstanding experiences in technology, training, customer service, and invoice.

Darryl Turner Corporation

The Darryl Turner Corporation has been serving title agencies in the area of business expansion, sales, marketing, leadership and personal development since 1994.
  • Strategies for market share growth and customer base management.
  • Revenue growth solutions for agencies with or without marketing reps along with building complete solutions.
  • Business coaching for sales, marketing, escrow officer / closers, managers and executive leadership (owners).
  • Lead development services for title agencies.


DocuSign eSignature is the world’s #1 way to send and sign from practically anywhere, at any time. It is simple to use and enables individuals and organizations to securely send and sign documents fast.
  • Enhanced productivity with faster document turn-around time and easy visibility into signing status
  • Legally binding and secure agreements
  • Users save an average of $36 per agreement

EC Purchasing

EC Purchasing members receive discounts on major brands typically offered only to the largest companies.
  • Exclusive member savings are available for on-line and in-store purchases.
  • Cost consultants help members analyze and reduce their expenses.
  • Members receive local dealer service and maintenance on national brands.

Contact Info:
EC Purchasing Member Services
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Expedite® Close

Experience the Benefits of an All-in-One eClose Solution
  • Consolidates data and documents from multiple systems
  • Presents information in a secure portal
  • Provides user-centric views
  • Facilitates seamless online interactions between all parties
  • Supports users’ current processes
  • Enables secure online collaboration between everyone involved
*Due to state law / regulation this may not be available in all areas.

Fidelity National Agency Solutions

Fidelity’s centralized technology platform helps agents compete against national title and escrow companies.
  • Accelerated refi and home equity products don’t require title searches.
  • A national underwriting team provides a centralized point of contact for underwriting decisions.
  • Streamlined solutions help agents operate in multiple states.

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First Advantage

Background checks, tenant screening and drug testing solutions will help you hire with confidence, stay compliant and manage the entire process. Committed to providing effortless, global background check services with the right technology and support.
  • We provide financial background check solutions to the majority of the world’s leading financial institutions.
  • Gain insight into financial background check best practices
  • Leverage our 20+ years of experience to provide you the industry insights for your success

Contact Info:
First Advantage Customer Suppor
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First Banking Services

For 30 years, FBS has provided Three-way Reconciliation and Banking Services to title agents and real estate companies nationwide.
  • FBS connects online with your closing software and reconciles your accounts.
  • Or, On-Trac technology monitors/manages your accounts daily.
    • Discrepancies and irregularities are discovered more quickly.
    • Alerts are categorized as Time Critical, Suspicious, Operational or File Based.

FNF National Agency Website

FNF's National Agency website is a one-stop-shop for “Everything Agency”, providing everything an agent needs to maintain a profitable business and grow in the marketplace.
  • Education, marketing, technology, underwriting and compliance resources
  • Access to all internal document and report generating systems
  • National staff, local staff & underwriter contacts
  • And much more…


Heymarket provides intuitive text messaging from powerful shared inboxes. Connect all of your messaging channels and work collaboratively with your team to create personalized connections with your customers.

Create meaningful conversations over your customers’ favorite messaging channels. Heymarket’s business texting platform helps you level up customer interactions with fast, personalized messaging that scales easily.

Contact Info:
Craig Bradley and Rommel Casey
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Our mission is to eradicate downtime and data loss with our cloud-based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution. Protect your data and systems from ransomware attacks, natural disasters and routine server crashes. Our solutions include:
  • 15-minute SLA for system failover (average recovery time is 70 seconds).
  • Unlimited DR tests and event days.
  • All-inclusive subscription pricing.

IPX 1031

FNF offers 1031 Exchange Qualified intermediary services to your customers through Intestment Property Exchange Services, Inc.  As the nation's largest QI, IPX1031 provides guidance, expertise and industry leading security and insurance for your customer's exchange funds.

Knight Systems

Relieving our Title Industry customers of the stressful burden of maintaining their own technology infrastructure and security needs for over 20 years. We offer Managed Services Plans that include:
  • IT Network and Security Assessment
  • Patch Management
  • Automated Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Backup & Data Recovery plans
  • Antivirus/Malware support
  • Firewall and Intrusion Prevention
  • Email Management Services
  • Cyber Risk Insurance
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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KnowBe4 is the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform that helps you manage social engineering.
  • We are the fastest-growing vendor and a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.
  • Our platform is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Customers of all sizes can get our platform deployed into production twice as fast as our competitors.

Lien One

Lien One is an industry leader delivering the most comprehensive nationwide property data and research reporting solutions since 2003.
  • With our broad range of due diligence searches, reporting capabilities and experience, you can rely on us to provide the industry's most comprehensive property records research available
  • Residential and commercial services customized to your needs, including municipal lien searches, association estoppels, tax certificates, VPR, zoning verification, recorded lien payoffs and more.

Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI)

mmi.io/Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI) is an industry-leading data operating system that aggregates actionable intelligence for lenders, real estate agents, title companies, and others in mortgage-related industries. The combination of these data points empowers users to approach business development more strategically to guide decisions and drive growth.

MMI provides value across company roles and industry verticals. Our data helps users source top-producing real estate agents for partner growth, mortgage loan officers for recruiting, and gather insights on settlement agents and new listings with a single login. To learn more about our solutions, visit mmi.io.

Contact Info:
Jake Belter
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Tutorial Video

National Due Diligence Services

NDDS a division of American Surveying & Mappings, Inc., provides surveying and due diligence services for commercial real estate transactions.
  • Services include ALTA Surveys, Zip Maps, Zoning Reports, Environmental Site Assessments, Property Condition Reports, Flood Determination and Seismic Risk assessments.
  • A single point of contact commercial due diligence firm specializing in multi-site and multi state transactions as well as complex single sites.

Network Transaction Solutions

Network Transaction Solutions offers a compliant and consistent solution for all of your mobile notary needs – providing experienced, qualified notary agents nationwide.
  • Convenient online ordering though our secure portal
  • Pre-screened, vetted and background checked
  • Mobile Closing and Notary Services throughout the United States
Get 50% off your first Signing Request!
Use Code NTSFNF50

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Orange Leaf Consulting

Successful organizations know that every job is a sales job! For more than a decade, OLC has helped leaders create a culture of sales and provide innovative and interactive training, to get everyone working together to grow the bottom line.
  • Online Sales Training via the Orange Leaf Academy
  • Organizational and Personal Assessment
  • Coaching and Leadership Training for Managers and Teams
  • Custom-Built Webinars and Onsite Workshops
  • Strategic Planning Guidance
  • Keynote and Motivational Speaking Engagements


OurRecords provides a centralized platform to securely store, manage, and control access to third-party records.
  • Minimizes the cost of managing and updating personnel records.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and corporate policies.
  • Records are accessible 24/7 from any device.

Contact Info:
Bill Hall
877-300-2497 ext.5534
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PalmAgent is the No. 1 solution for real estate agents to provide Buyer payments/closing costs and Seller net sheets.
  • Closing Cost app is fully customized per county and per title agent.
  • Net Sheet app is the simplest yet most comprehensive in the industry.
  • Dashboard tracking and leveraging keeps you a step ahead of the competition.

Precision Reconciliation Services (PRS)

PRS provides escrow account reconciliation and consulting services for title and settlement companies and law firms nationwide.
  • We produce the three-way reconciliation reports insurance underwriters and regulators require.
  • A monthly red flag summary report identifies issues requiring immediate attention.
  • Consulting/clean-up services correct problems and assess internal controls.

Enhanced Materials:

Premier One

Title Insurance companies have some unique challenges when it comes to their information technology and software – and Premier One is uniquely qualified to understand and help support title companies in several ways.
  • Premier One has a SSAE 16 (SOC) 2 Type II certifications.
  • Premier One has extensive knowledge of and experience with RamQuest, SoftPro, ResWare and Qualia software systems.

Property Insight

Property Insight provides End-to-End Land Record Information Solutions
  • Through TitlePoint™ Property Insight offers desktop title search automation with search functionality and streamlined workflows. Web-based access to tax, title and document images.
  • To identify potential liability and reduce title insurance claims, Property Insight offers iOnTitle - a risk mitigation notice service on open files in TitlePoint™.
  • Property Insight’s in-house services extend the utility of our title plant and will shift the effort of labor to our title search experts.



PropLogix is a full-service due diligence company disrupting the status quo of the real estate industry through innovation.
  • We provide municipal lien searches, surveys, payoff tracking and association estoppels.
  • Clients use our software to easily place and manage orders and retrieve invoices.
  • Clients have a dedicated account executive and access to our support team.

Real Estate Data Shield

REDS experts provide advice on data security and regulatory compliance needs.
  • Self-assessment tool identifies security gaps and helps users prepare for lender/regulator audits.
  • On-line training courses arm your staff with an awareness of the cybersecurity laws and regulations, fraudster tactics and Privacy Smart® tools.
  • Information Security & Escrow Security Assessments.
  • NYS DFS Cybersecurity compliance support.

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is an all-in-one real estate sales & marketing solution.
  • Highly optimized, easy-to-use websites, designed to generate the highest conversion rate in the industry.
  • Powerful customization tools such as landing pages, market reports, a design editor, a powerful property search, embeddable widgets, an editable CMS and more!
  • Captured leads are automatically sent to the CRM, a full-featured platform to track and nurture leads through the sales cycle.

Contact Info:
Cameron Starner

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reQuire Real Estate Solutions

reQuire is an efficient, cost effective alternative to the old costly and stressful practice of lien release management.
  • reQuire brings over a decade of trusted direct relationships with lenders to make this process more efficient for your office.
  • Our web-based release tracking and reporting service can seamlessly integrate into your everyday workflow.
  • We have direct integrations with many of the title production providers you use today, making re-keying of information non-existent.

Riebling Insurance Agency, LLC

FNF-Pak Program
  • Title Agents Errors & Omissions (E&O)
  • Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance (LPL)
  • Escrow Security Bond/Computer Crime (ESB)
  • Cyber Liability (Cyber)
To obtain information regarding FNF-Pak or an application/quote please use the information below.


RynohLive’s financial management and fraud prevention system ensures the integrity of financial transactions.
  • Title insurers can monitor agents’ escrow accounts continuously.
  • Automatic daily three-way reconciliation identifies errors; timely alerts permit speedy corrections.
  • Title agents can create critical disbursement alerts based on criteria they set.


ServiceLink is the nation's premier provider of tech-enabled mortgage services to the mortgage and finance industries. With decades of closing experience, we’ve built a strong network of 12,500 notaries – including RON-certified notaries – and attorneys, specializing in real estate transactions. Access the real-time availability of our panel and instantly digitally schedule the closing for the exact date, time and location of your borrower’s choice. We infuse transparency and automation into every step of the closing process from scheduling to closing package delivery for a better borrower experience and faster closing timeline. Close with confidence, knowing our notary panel is proactively managed based on scorecards and we have the financial backing of Fidelity National Financial.
Learn more

ShareCard™ by Win Local

ShareCard™ is a contactless, digital business card that allows you to exchange your information in three ways; “tap, text & scan”!  ShareCard™ drives engagement with your customers and prospects which helps you build you a dynamic database automatically, with ZERO data entry required.  

  • NFC Enabled ShareCard™ & ShareTag™ (for your phone case)
  • Your own branded SMS keyword which can be used in all your marketing
  • Fully customizable digital business card w/ logo, colors & custom CTA's
  • Save, Send, Connect & Auto-Connect features, ensuring a 2-way exchange of information with your clients and prospects
  • Branded app icon for the home screen of your phone




ShortTrack - Connecting Customers to Your Software. 
  • EasyDocs - Sellers/buyers complete customized web questionnaires that are e-signed. The data and documents populate your file.
  • DocuSign integration - Send any document from your software for e-signature and seamlessly return the e-signed document back to your file.
  • EasyOrders™ - Realtors place digital title orders from their software (dotloop, DocuSign Rooms, FormSimplicity, & SkySlope) into your software. Receive and send document updates.
  • Middleware - Use ShortTrack's network of connections to help eliminate portals, rekey, and document upload.  Let us know who you're looking to integrate with!


A Stericycle solution, Shred-it is the most recognized secure information destruction provider globally. In 14 countries and in 170 markets, it has become the world-standard for information security and workplace privacy.

Since 1988, Shred-it has developed proprietary technologies, exclusive protocols and practices, and innovative products and services designed exclusively to protect businesses of any size from the ongoing threats and risks of privacy breaches.

Contact Info:
Joe Schwartz, National Manager, Shred-it
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Simplifile’s on-line service connects lenders, settlement agents and counties through the nation’s largest e-recording network.
  • Lenders and settlement agents can securely share real estate documents and transaction details.
  • Requires only a Windows PC, high-speed Internet access, and a scanner.
  • Automates the post-closing process for settlement agents.

To get a quote:
Go to Simplifile.com and click on "Get Connected" or email Sales@simplifile.com

Skyline Lien Search Inc.

Skyline Lien Search® provides the accurate abstract information title companies need to avoid costly errors and prevent closing delays. Our web-based services include:
  • Accurate, reliable lien searches.
  • Speedy and up-to-date tax certificates nationwide.
  • Home Owners Association and community management estoppel information.


Deliver quality signings at scale with Snapdocs for Title, the leading notary scheduling platform.
  • Cut costs by streamlining manual scheduling workflows with critical TPS integrations and automation at every step of the way
  • Delight your customers with faster turn times, less errors, and referral-worthy signing experiences
  • Access the industry’s largest (170K+) notary network along with notary ratings and reviews    
  • Enforce compliance and minimize risk with a centralized, audit-ready actions and communications feed, secure document sharing, and robust notary credentialing requirements

Softpro Reconciliation Services

SoftPro's trust account reconciliation services can help keep your accounts on track -- giving you peace of mind knowing that your accounts are correctly reconciled by a professional each month.
  • Dedicated reconciler for your accounts
  • Alerts of irregularities in your trust accounts
  • Assists with compliance to ALTA Best Practice #2
  • Daily and/or monthly 3-way reconciliations

SoftPro Title & Closing Software

SoftPro is one of the nation’s leading providers of real estate closing and title insurance software.
  • Our programs combine cutting edge technology with robust on-line support.
  • All products are user-friendly, scalable and customizable.
  • Optional annual maintenance service provides automatic software updates.

Steve Rudolph Coaching

Providing leadership, management and coaching training and development that supports title agencies to:
  • Grow strong workplace cultures that attracts, grows and retains great employees
  • Encourage managers to lead and coach more, and manage less
  • Build high performing title agency teams, that in turn fosters customer loyalty and grow the business

The Closing Exchange

The Closing Exchange (TCX) offers a full spectrum of signing services including mobile notary, Remote Online Notarizations (RON), IPEN, and hybrid closings. Our CXChoice™ platform integrates with most Title Production Software, making TCX your one-stop shop for nationwide signings. Our signing solutions are scalable, cost-effective, secure and customized to fit your workflow. Strict notary vetting, enhanced digital tools including A.I. Document Tagging, and excellent customer service make TCX a true partner in signing.

Title Toolbox by Benutech Inc.

Title Toolbox includes everything clients need, all from one website/Mobile Apps, branded to your Agency. Providing access to:
  • Reliable phone numbers, emails, and Facebook ID’s
  • Net Sheets
  • “Listing Leads” - proven 20%+ sales rates
  • “Refinance Leads” for Lenders
  • Property Profiles, Google Maps

Enhanced Materials:

titleLOOK® by Mainspring Services®

The Digital Standard for Title. By transforming documents into data and then adding expert title knowledge, the titleLOOK platform automates the curative review process, provides a hyperlinking solution that learns with use, and publishes to a mobile-web format in just seconds.
  • Automatically add hyperlinks to your commitments that open your referenced recorded title documents
  • Send one PDF that provides access to all title related documents
  • Branded-for-you deliverable enhances branding and customer satisfaction
  • Instant review to reduce curative turn times

Enhanced Materials:
titleLOOK Brochure


TitleTap is a software-with-a-service digital marketing platform for real estate title agents and attorneys.
  • We offer compliant website design, email marketing, branded videos, calculator apps and social media marketing.
  • All products are industry focused, turn-key and include SSL Security to protect NPI data.
  • Mobile-friendly design boosts SEO rankings.


TitleWave is the Agency Title Production Division of Fidelity National Financial, the nation’s largest title insurance company.
  • TitleWave simplifies the complicated.
  • Online order tracking, document image retrieval and agent software integration.
  • Our predictable turn times and quality products for commercial and residential transaction types.

UCC Plus

FNF’s UCCPlus insures loans secured by personal property.
  • All the personal property pledged as collateral is covered by a first priority lien.
  • Protection mitigates many of the risks associated with commercial loan transactions.
  • UCCPlus uses the country’s leading search and filing companies.


YourDox provides secure, encrypted electronic document delivery and file storage services for title agents.

Agents using our on-line system also receive, at no direct cost:
  • ALTA compliance documentation.
  • A constant connection to past customers.
  • Lifetime leads for future business.

ZIX Email Encryption

Zix protects email in transit, helping title companies meet their regulatory obligations.
  • Policy based email encryption offers seamless encryption by automatically scanning and encrypting emails and attachments that include NPI.
  • ZixMail provides end-to-end encryption to protect emails and attachments with a single click.
  • Zix offers email threat protection to stop malicious attacks via email from coming into your inbox.

Contact Info:
Danielle Gagnon
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ZOCCAM enables real estate professionals and buyers to submit earnest money and contracts to title companies through its secure application using Mobile Remote Deposit Capture.
  • Upon receipt by the title company and its bank, delivery notifications are sent to involved parties.
  • Minimizes risks associated with manual deposits and wire transfers, reducing fraud and increasing transparency.
  • Accessible any time from any location.