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Aprio - The New Name for HA+W

Aprio is the nation’s premier accounting and advisory firm for the title industry.

  • Escrow reconciliation, bookkeeping and forensic accounting.
  • Cybersecurity compliance and consulting.
  • ALTA Best Practices certification, business valuation and tax planning.

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Bank Shot

Bank Shot is the patented mobile solution that allows title companies and escrow agents to remotely receive and control earnest money (or any check) directly from a smartphone.
  • Hold, deposit, or refuse the check in the portal. You are in control using our unique “stoplight” process.
  • Remotely deposit checks in multiple accounts at multiple banks.
  • This is not ACH - it’s a mobile deposit. It’s secure, compliant, and safer than a wire.
  • Spend less time matching checks to transactions and reconciling accounts.
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First Banking Services

For 30 years, FBS has provided Three-way Reconciliation and Banking Services to title agents and real estate companies nationwide.

  • FBS connects online with your closing software and reconciles your accounts.
  • Or, On-Trac technology monitors/manages your accounts daily.
    • Discrepancies and irregularities are discovered more quickly.
    • Alerts are categorized as Time Critical, Suspicious, Operational or File Based.

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Precision Reconciliation Services (PRS)

PRS provides escrow account reconciliation and consulting services for title and settlement companies and law firms nationwide.

  • We produce the three-way reconciliation reports insurance underwriters and regulators require.
  • A monthly red flag summary report identifies issues requiring immediate attention.
  • Consulting/clean-up services correct problems and assess internal controls.

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RynohLive’s financial management and fraud prevention system ensures the integrity of financial transactions.

  • Title insurers can monitor agents’ escrow accounts continuously.
  • Automatic daily three-way reconciliation identifies errors; timely alerts permit speedy corrections.
  • Title agents can create critical disbursement alerts based on criteria they set.

Contact Info:
Matt Reass
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Safe Escrow

Managed collaborative disbursement program that utilizes web-based proprietary technology. Enhanced safety of outbound funds and cyber management, when verifiable, is supplied through our SafeValidation® technology. Print checks locally and make last-minute changes at the closing table, as needed, while still being protected by Safe Escrow.

  • Daily/monthly three-way reconciliations
  • Mailing & tracking of payments
  • Check management & escheatment

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Softpro Reconciliation Services

SoftPro's trust account reconciliation services can help keep your accounts on track -- giving you peace of mind knowing that your accounts are correctly reconciled by a professional each month.
  • Dedicated reconciler for your accounts
  • Alerts of irregularities in your trust accounts
  • Assists with compliance to ALTA Best Practice #2
  • Daily and/or monthly 3-way reconciliations

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    ZOCCAM enables real estate professionals and buyers to submit earnest money and contracts to title companies through its secure application using Mobile Remote Deposit Capture.

    • Upon receipt by the title company and its bank, delivery notifications are sent to involved parties.
    • Minimizes risks associated with manual deposits and wire transfers, reducing fraud and increasing transparency.
    • Accessible any time from any location.

    Contact Info:
    Ashley Cook
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