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Darryl Turner Corporation

The Darryl Turner Corporation has been serving title agencies in the area of business expansion, sales, marketing, leadership and personal development since 1994.

  • Strategies for market share growth and customer base management.
  • Revenue growth solutions for agencies with or without marketing reps along with building complete solutions.
  • Business coaching for sales, marketing, escrow officer / closers, managers and executive leadership (owners).
  • Lead development services for title agencies.

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Orange Leaf Consulting

OLC has helped leaders to get their entire teams involved in the sales effort and to be excited about business growth. We believe that knowing the customer’s customer is key to success. OLC engages with leadership to integrate an “everybody sells!” mindset into their daily operation through:

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Assessment
  • Coaching/Training for Managers
  • Webinars & Onsite Workshops
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consultative Services

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Steve Rudolph Coaching

Providing leadership, management and coaching training and development that supports title agencies to:

  • Grow strong workplace cultures that attracts, grows and retains great employees
  • Encourage managers to lead and coach more, and manage less
  • Build high performing title agency teams, that in turn fosters customer loyalty and grow the business

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