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Darryl Turner Corporation

The Darryl Turner Corporation has been serving title agencies in the area of business expansion, sales, marketing, leadership and personal development since 1994.

  • Strategies for market share growth and customer base management.
  • Revenue growth solutions for agencies with or without marketing reps along with building complete solutions.
  • Business coaching for sales, marketing, escrow officer / closers, managers and executive leadership (owners).
  • Lead development services for title agencies.

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Orange Leaf Consulting

Sales = business growth, and every job is a sales job! For more than a decade, OLC has helped leaders create a culture of sales and take the "ick" out of selling, to get everyone working together to grow the bottom line.

  • Organizational and Personal Assessment
  • Coaching and Training for Leaders and Teams
  • Webinars and Onsite Workshops
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consultative Services
  • Speaking Engagements

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Steve Rudolph Coaching

Providing leadership, management and coaching training and development that supports title agencies to:

  • Grow strong workplace cultures that attracts, grows and retains great employees
  • Encourage managers to lead and coach more, and manage less
  • Build high performing title agency teams, that in turn fosters customer loyalty and grow the business

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